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As a legal entity, our company is based in the United Kingdom, with the office and official secretariat located in London. However, since the weather in England is very melancholic, we decided to establish a working office in sunny Spain, in Alicante.

But in all seriousness, the decision to create the company was influenced by demand from the business climate in Europe, specifically in Spain.

Along our journey, as a team, we have encountered many entrepreneurs who have had passive income and business competence in other countries. As a rule, all of them expressed a desire to start their own business in Spain. But, as the proverb goes, «one man’s effort is not enough», all efforts were met with a difficult business environment in Spain.

The combination of efforts of several business units and cooperation is not a new format, moreover, many have become disappointed in such a format and lost faith in honest cooperation, but there is good news, our team is able to restore faith in humanity. Honesty and competence form the basis of our interaction.

Our goal is to find among the vast number of potential partners and investors those who want and can work as a team.

We constantly look ahead and seek business initiatives that may prove successful and profitable.

I can also assure you that at least two projects are in the analysis and business plan preparation stage.

If you are interested and would like to understand the potential of such cooperation, please contact us and we will start our acquaintance in the most pleasant atmosphere, which may lead us to great achievements.

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+34 643 843 558 | Monday — Friday
+34 604 959 719 | Monday — Friday

Company Number: 14615545
Contact Person: Arakelyan Margarit


Avenida De la Costa Blanca 135-10C, Alicante, 03540, Spain

London, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent garden, WC2H 9JQ